Sunday, August 31, 2008

Growing To Fast

This weekend Tyler's best friend turned 16 yrs old. They celebrated with a fun trip to Cedar Point Amusement park with their dads. It has amazed me how fast time goes by. Everyone always says it, but as I watch my son and his friends grow into young men it really hits home. To be honest, somedays it is really hard for me. I am so proud of my Ty Guy and the young man he is becoming, but I also long for those days when I was all he needed and life was about legos and starwars. For those of you reading who have not come to this point yet, be sure to take your time with your little ones and don't rush them onto the next stage in life. It will be here before quickly enough. Each stage is wonderful, but one step closer to them being out from under your wing. So cherish, cherish, cherish!!!


Marla said...

I couldn't agree more they do grow up way to fast.

Felicia said...

So sorry I didn't see you guys at Family Palooza. Your little cardinal is adorable.