Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A weekend with Myranda

Finally a second post! I guess this means that the blog is official!! For some strange reason this whole blogging thing has made me a little nervous. Anyway, now to the 'mundane' stuff...I went through the weekend realizing how great it is to spend special time with just one of the children. Not just for me, but for them. My daughter and I had the weekend together, just the two of us for the first time since we were blessed with her. She could not wait to "hang out with mommy!". It was very tiring, but fun. WE stayed up till midnight watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, which she loved. "Chinese!, Chinese!", she squealed over and over again and woke up the next morning ready to watch some more. We made cookies together for the first time, another highlight for her. She realized she was strong because she could stir cookie dough without flinging flour all over the place and I realized why I have not been making cookies for awhile (because I eat gobs of of dough and then eat the baked cookies!). She also realized she wants to get married and have babies! This came after attending her first baby shower. By the way, did I tell you she is not yet 4! She asks when her baby is going to come out of her belly and what her baby's name is. I told her she did not have a baby in her belly and would not for a long time, until she is big like mommy and married. She said she wanted to get married!!! Did I mention to you that I was tired?......


Leslie said...

The whole baby in the tummy is all my Ella can talk about. She is 5, and just can't wait to have her baby. The other day, she was playing with Lily, and she had Lily's Asian Bitty Baby, and was telling Lily that Lily's BB came out of her belly. It makes me smile, because I do hope one day, she'll be able to have a baby in her belly.....just 30 years from now.

Your a brave girl to make cookies. Cooking with 2 girls unnerves me so.

Can't wait to see all your adventures to come. So glad your blogging.

Marla said...

Myranda is so so cute. We miss you guys. We have to get together soon.